Your Style, Your Nest, in a Bag!





What we give you...

Guidance and motivation to create a beautiful space!  Everything can be done online.  Based on the information you provide, we will send you a detailed design plan with furniture placement, color schemes, window treatments suggestions, and ideas to update your look, all within the budget limitations you provided.  Your personal design in a bag includes:

  • Concept Board - pictures of furnishings, accessories, window treatment ideas and color selections for the room
  • Floor Plan - Bird's eye view of the best placement of your furniture.
  • Resource List - A detailed list of stores and websites where you can purchase the suggested items. (including item #'s and SKU's where applicable)
  • 1/2 hour phone consultation with Sandra or Nancy to discuss any design related questions about the room.  The call will be be prescheduled in advance via email.  
  • $400.00 per room

What you will give us….

Enthusiasm and ACCURATE measurements and together we will create a beautiful room! 

  • You will begin by filling out a detailed questionnaire that helps us define your style and assess your design needs.  Then you will:
  • Upload a sketch of your room with measurements 
  • Upload some pictures of your room
  • Upload any inspiration pictures you want to share

In four weeks we wil send you your completed room design. Use the convenient bag to carry your reference as you shop and build your "nest!"