Our services include:

Space planning  .  Remodel  .  New Construction  .  Window treatments  .  Color Selection

Furniture  .  Flooring and Rugs  .  Staging  .  Redesign  .  Custom Murals and Canvases

Lighting  .  Accessories

Our Interior Design process comes in stages:

Stage One, involves the Consultation. This takes place in the client's location and consists questions regarding what you want done. We ask about color, fabrics, furniture styles and other preferences. We listen carefully and we take notes. We use this information to give you a complete design scheme. During this time we take photos and ask to see the major areas of your home so that we can get a feel of what you like. We want your home to flow even if we do not work in every room.  The initial meeting is usually from one to two hours. This is only the beginning of the design process.

Stage Two, is the Presentation. Colors and fabrics are selected along with furniture styles  and a floor plan is developed. We will set up a time when we can come and present our ideas. We will show you fabrics, finishes, colors, samples, furniture, window treatments, anything necessary for us to give you a clear picture of your new room.  At this time you can give us your input on what you like or dislike. We will adjust the plan to your liking.  We will give you a pricing on furniture, accessories, etc.

Stage Three, Ordering and Production. Once you have approved the items that we have suggested and had time to analyze our ideas and suggestions, we will start the ordering process. We will keep track of your orders and keep you apprised of any scheduling of installation, painting, etc.

Stage Four and final step, Installation. We ask that you give us the time to get the room finished before you return home. However, with the exception of paint, carpet, wallpaper, everything is done the same day. Fee is $75/hour for consultation and presentation. Client shopping and additional consultation $50/hour. 

Your Nest, in a Bag $400.00

This service is ideal for the local DYI client who needs guidance and inspiration getting started on a project. Your design in a bag will be ready within three weeks of the initial visit. You will keep all design materials so you can work at your own pace with the tools given. Your Nest in a Bag includes:

Concept board: pictures of all furnishings, accessories and colors for the room.

Floor plan: scaled drawing for the best placement of furniture in your room.

Written report: Describes in detail what is to be achieved in your space.

Resource list: A list of online and retail stores where you can purchase the suggested items.

For personal shopping or further consultation the fee is $50.00/hour.

On-line Room Design -

 "See Online Services"

Services A La Carte

Color Consultation -  

Let us help the colors of your home flow together $75.00 an hour, one hour minumun 

Accessory Call -

This service brings personality into a room. Items can be purchase and placed in the space.   $100.00 a hour.

Redesign -

Using exisiting furniture, art and accessories.  We will redesign the space achieving a professional designer look. Perfect for selling a home or for those seeking a change with minimal fuss.  The initial consultation is $75.00 which is applied to the cost if hired.  An average room is $300.  A larger room is $400.00

Window Treatments -

Our window treatments are custom made for each client and professional installed. The consultation includes a visit to the home, measuring, fabric selection and treatment styles.  We will quote you to fit within your budget.  The consultation fee is $100.00 and will be applied to the purchase.


An example of a "Mood Board" for a basement make-over

The actual Room